Alzheimer’s Treatment Today: In the United States and around the world, millions of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, as well as their caregivers, need relief from the crushing burdens of these debilitating and progressive illnesses. While intensive research is underway to reveal the underlying disease mechanisms and to identify new targets for pharmacological interventions, effective and long-lasting medications are yet to be developed.

Meanwhile, complementary, non-pharmacological therapies – which comprise a diverse range of interventions from exercise to music to cognitive-behavioral methods – can have important benefit in a total system of dementia care. The most promising among them are designed to stimulate patients’ memories and to reduce agitation.

Dreamland Technology: Dreamland Technology LLC is a media company founded in 2012 in France and subsequently relocated to and incorporated in Portland, Maine in 2013. Memory Lane Therapeutics is a unit of Dreamland Technology created for the purpose of researching and developing non-pharmaceutical, media-based therapies for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. The unit’s primary product is named Memory-Lane.Tv, a subscription-based service for the delivery of the dementia therapies and entertainment to institutional settings and family residences. It operates under the Fiscal sponsorship of a 501C3, the Community Television Network, historical partner of our cause.

Memory-Lane.Tv: Dreamland Technology has developed a multi-media, multi-sensory system that includes music and sound stimulation, video images, archival film footage, interactive photography, and simulated aromas that can be delivered in multiple formats. Key elements of the system include Guided Imagery, integrating multiple stimuli to evoke reminiscence and induce a relaxation response; Caregiver Protocols, providing templates for patient-caregiver interactions and activities; and Viewing Session Guide, suggesting sequences for daily and weekly delivery of content to help restore viewers’ circadian rhythm, sense of time, and some greater awareness of self. The Memory-Lane.Tv program format and support materials offer key advantages to both patients and caregivers:

Memory-Lane.Tv complements standard pharmacological therapies in institutional settings or family care settings.
Memory-Lane.Tv can be customized to the specific circumstance of individual patients or patient groups.
Memory-Lane.Tv lessens the workload of nursing home personnel and family caregivers.
Memory-Lane.Tv is a unique non-pharmaceutical approach to dementia offering customized entertainment

Memory-Lane.Tv is delivered directly through several methods: The Memory Stick, a Hybrid hardware system combining on-premise video and streaming options from the cloud – configured on any television through HDMI, a video web site, an application available on connected tablets and streaming delivery system: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Sticks.

Clinical and Business Support: The program concept and methodology were initially developed by noted French documentary filmmaker, Alban Maino as he sought ways to help a loved one struggling with dementia. Those initial materials, as they were provided to others caring for patients and relatives, received highly favorable reviews from geriatric physicians, families, and administrators of residential treatment facilities and are currently under expanded field-testing and enhancement in several facilities and home care environments in the US.