How will this project Help ?

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Memory Lane is the first Multi-sensory platform, custom made and targeted for people living with dementia. Our films are used by care partners and family members at home and by professional caregivers in institutions around the world. They have been elaborated by geriatric physicians, dementia specialists, Art therapists, and award-winning filmmakers to offer a unique solution to the symptoms of the disease. But we can not fight that battle alone! Production and delivery of quality media content is an expensive endeavor and we need help to achieve this important social mission.  

Leave a meaningful legacy or honor someone by sponsoring Memory Lane for someone, offer a subscription.

Solidarity and compassion are the key components in this battle plan against dementia! Enhancing the quality of life for people living with Dementia, while allowing caregivers and family members less stress, and more flexibility to work, run errands, and practice self-care, is our mission and goal. We do not solve the Alzheimer’s burden, we offer a necessary respite to the emotional and physical exhaustion associated with the disease.

By sponsoring subscriptions, you can help people living with Alzheimer’s disease and offer them immediate relief in their daily life.