Dr Broutard is a distinguished geriatric physician from Nice, France who has been experimenting Music reminiscence with his patients since 2009. He developed a new therapy using music reminiscence that he baptized  “Mnemotherapy”, a therapeutic approach of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease that consist in awakening et let flourish, in a way that we can reproduce it regularly, the “reviviscence” of a musical memory or moment in one’s life.
But what is “Reviviscence” ? It is the act of reviving, reliving, what’s called “retrograde amnesia”, long term memories, that are still stored in the episodic memory, the long term memory of the viewer.

MLWeb-062Memory Lane’s techniques uses Mnemotherapy and targets to instantly improve, and for a long time, Apathy, sadness, depression syndroms, anxiety and behavioural troubles.
Through the use of a combination of music, image and sound, Memory Lane allows the users to reactivate intellectuals and emotional mechanisms of the person affected by the disease and therefore their “joie de vivre”. And the extraordinary element is that we can reproduce that BECAUSE and DEPENDING of the retrograde amnesia that caracterize this disease.

Improved-caregiver--patient-interactionsReminiscence activates not only the recall of the memory of the revival of an auto biographical episode that is relived in the present moment, but also the FULL intensity of it detailed emotion.
Its characteristic is the joy associated most of the time to the narration of this page of life and to the happiness to finally being able to communicate.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.11.31Music Therapy is a tool that has been used in dementia care for decades. Music reminiscence is a powerful element that is very different from music therapy. In Alive Inside, emerit film director Michael Rossato-Bennet portrays the work of Dan Cohen, an inspired and distinguished entrepreneur, who started musicandmemory.org, a customised music playlist implementation tool for people living with Alzheimer’s disease. The power of music reminiscence is undeniable and well portrayed in this initiative that we applaud.
Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.22.04Reminiscence can be defined simply as the enjoyable recollection of past events. With Memory Lane, we go much more further than reminiscence. For example, if you grew up in Maine, in a farm in the 40’s, listening to big bands, when we show you this specific imagery, when you listen to your programs customized on Memory Lane, you are not ONLY reminiscing, you are using “Mnemotherapy” as a tool to relive an emotion from the pic of your memory history (from 10 to 25 years old).

45*MLTVAnd the communion between the person affected by Alzheimer’s and the practitioner or the family member plays a major role during these reminiscing sessions. In a nursing home environment, we offer something that is more generic but takes in account the characteristic of the population along, and we offer targeted occupational therapy using a user’s protocol with touch and olfactory tool, and with imagery of Nature and temporal references that enhance the musical component present in all our films.

In this first Interview, Dr Broutard introduced the principles of Mnemotherapy.

The second video is a 25 minute conference filmed during the International Symposium “Alzheimer and Sensoriality” which happened in Nice in November 2015. It is available on request only. Please contact us if you’d like to get the password and listen to the conference.