A Positive Plot-Free Tv 
for People Living with Dementia & their Care Partners

A Digital Intervention Inducing a Relaxation Response,
Respite & Multi-Sensory Stimulation for Everyone Involved

Seconds, a new person diagnosed

in 3 seniors affected by Alzheimer's

thirds diagnosed are WOMEN

million are living with Alzheimer's

new cases every year

Watch a short trailer to understand our Mission and Methodology

An Interactive & Multi-Sensory Behavioral Intervention
Improving Quality of Life, Engagement & Care

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Science & Methodology

Stress Reduction

Memory Lane induces a relaxation response & enhances awareness as it draws residents into present time and place

Increased Cooperative Behavior

Memory Lane cumulative impact provides an environment conducive to more cooperation and less conflict

Improved interactions

Memory Lane makes individuals more engaged and responsive, caregivers are less stressed and more compassionate

Lowered use of Medications

Managing individuals at lower stress levels can reduce the need for sedating medications and diminishes behavioral troubles

"Memory Lane is a great non-pharmacological therapy to alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, improving quality of life and well-being of residents and staff and stimulating cognitive functions through positive reminiscence ."Dr. Raffin, Medical Director and Geriatric Physician


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Level of Engagement


Afternoon - Nature and Animals

0 Times
per year

For Families & Care Partners

Proven Alternative Therapeutic Intervention

Guided imagery, temporal reinforcement, and reminiscence techniques narratives elicit time of day, presence in the moment, sense of self and generates engagement.

Customize Films with Personal Media

Family photos, videos, music in your custom therapeutic program

Customised sessions with your media

Multi-Sensory Stimulation & Reminiscence

Video, music, photos, stimulate awareness and long term memories; aromas brings back sensations; objects elicit feelings beyond the reach of generic media.


Special Training Programs for Caregivers

Therapeutic Guidance from Professional Trainers in our Caregiver Channel

Access from Home

Apple Tv - Roku & Amazon Fire Stick 06/21 - Smart TV - Laptop - Tablet

Exclusive Programing

Complete instruction, therapeutic guidance, and a caregiver channel for education

250 hours of Exclusive Content
Easy, Plug an Play Access

“Dementia sufferers need to have their spirit opened. We need to make them see, hear and listen. They need to perceive things. What’s good for us, is even BETTER for them!”As noted by the distinguished Pr Agid, Former Scientific Director of the Brain Institute.

For Professional Caregivers

Adapted to Operational Requirements

Single patient mode - Group mode - Patient scheduling

Continuing Education Video Program

Form yourself with our video dementia Certified Program - benefit from our training and programs

Improved Quality of Care & Well-Being

Relaxed residents, more cognitively engaged and happier

Generates Staff Efficiency and Calm

Staff load is decreased while patients receive more relaxing and focused interaction, improve productivity and efficiency

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